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Hi everyone, my name is Daniela. I am the current owner of The Key to Missions. Thank you for taking the time to stop by on my page, I am truly grateful to have you here. The Lord laid it on my heart to take on this small business, as it has such great values and does so much for people worldwide. At this time I would like to recognize the former owners, Abbey and Allison, for creating such a unique and creative business. 

The reason I chose The Key to Missions, was because I felt like I really connected with what it stood for. I am so thrilled that I will be able to continue to give back to those in need. Most importantly, my urge to share my testimony with other individuals who have not gotten the opportunity to accept Jesus Christ into their lives as Savior. This will allow for the Christian community to share the gospel and impact people worldwide. 


My goal with this organization is to continue to give people simple hand stamped items that have large meanings. My hopes are to flourish not only as a business but as a follower in Christ. In advance, thank you all so much for the support and kindness. I would like to ask you to pray for me, the former owners, this business, and our community. 

Abbey & Allison's story:

We first started this shop as a way to raise support for a mission trip in September 2015. We had been to Honduras once before and our hearts were forever changed after that trip. We had a strong desire to go back, but we needed a way to raise money and so that is where The Key to Missions began. We were able to raise a great amount of money for that first trip and have been able to go back three times since. Profits from our sales go towards funding other missionaries and our three sponsor children in Honduras, Uganda, and future sponsor children around the world. We believe everyone in this world should have a chance to accept Christ Jesus as their Savior. We believe it is our calling as Christians to take the good news we have already accepted and share it with others who may have never heard it before or never accepted Christ into their lives.


We wanted to think of a simple way we could use our artistic talents to raise money for worldwide missions, and that is when the idea of these key necklaces and bracelets came about. As we began creating our product we realized that they are so fun to make and have inspired us during the process as well. Each key has an inspiring word or value on it that we hope the person wearing it tries to live out daily when wearing one of our pieces of jewelry. We have multiple chain colors, key colors, and words that have been stamped on the keys to make your accessory one of a kind. We pray this shop will prosper greatly and that we will be able to use profits from our shop to spread the Good News around the world. We believe God will bless the work we have put into this to bless other people worldwide. We thank you so much in advance for your support and we ask you to please pray for us and the future of our company that we hope will impact not only you, but people across the world.

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