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Need help fundraising your next missions trip? we're here to help!

We have two options to customize for you. 

1. A Custom Listing on our Site: You choose what word you want all the keys to say. It can either be one already on our site or something unique that is 7 characters or less. Then, we send you the link and friends and family can purchase this specific key to donate to your trip. These keys are priced at $18 and $20 so that you can make the most profit towards your trip. For every key purchased we aren't just going to give you the $3 for each one, but $5 as a contribution to your trip from us also. All the business, packaging, and mailing is done on our end, and it hassle free for you! All listings ship at the end of the selling period, your custom key is live for approximatley 2 weeks. 

2. Wholesale: We have a wholesale price of $10/$12 per key necklace and you can buy a whole bunch up front and then sell them for any price you want, and make a profit that you are able to determine. Although then, shipping and packaging would all be up to you.


Either option can be customized to your trip and requests. Just fill out the form below or email us at 

Success! Message received.

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